SJ Idol

Saint John 2014. Not sure who these friends are, but they stopped me on the waterfront the other day to ask me if I would make a photo of them. I snapped a few and moved on as I was meeting someone. If you know them, I’m happy to give ‘em a print. I ended up quite liking the three expressions here, which I read as a bit of apprehension, complete confidence, and ever so slight amusement.








I’ve had the good fortune of shooting not 1 but 2 weddings this summer. Here are just a few of my favorites. It’s been so uncharacteristically enjoyable I might even consider taking on another 1 or 2 sometime. It sure helps to have really great people and a genuinely relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Julius Pizza Saint John

Saint John 2014
Tonight, tonight. Come on out to the Saint John Arts Centre at 5:30 to chat photography and see a few pics on the wall by me as well as works by Mei Wen, Peggy Smith, Lachlan Grant, and Ted Michener.

Charlotte Street Saint John

Hurricane Arthur, Saint John 2014

A reminder that an exhibit of a few of my photos opens at The Saint John Arts Centre this Friday at 5:30. Would love to see some of you and talk photography.