Writing Samples:

The best strategy in the world is useless without a good story to tell and a good storyteller. Great photographs and great videos are one part of the story, but great writing is at the core of every piece of content that resonates. Here are a few samples of writing I’ve done.

499.6 lbs. (article and personal Facebook post)

I kind of can’t believe I’m sharing that. I told myself no one would ever know that number. It took me a very long time before I finally shared that number in an internet forum with strangers. Then a couple of months ago, I told my wife. Last month a couple of close friends and family. Now you.

I’m the biggest person most of you will ever know. I can hardly claim to live the kind of transparent life I aspire to and leave out something as fundamental to who I am and…

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Discover the Wins Saint John Billboards and Social Media:

The Pigeon Play:

A short script for theatre. (PDF)

Writing for Civilized:

A Brief History of 420 (Video Script)
Penn Jillette Warns Cannabis Industry Against Turning Into ‘McPot’
Inside The OrganiGram Garden, A Legal Medical Marijuana Grow